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Teriberka trip

from 3 000 ₽*

Here on the edge of the earth, you will feel the breath of the Arctic, will see amazing natural views, drink a cup of hot tea in a cozy cafe with a panoramic view.

*the price per person for group of 3 - 5 tourists

Sami village

from 3 500 ₽*

You will learn who are the Sami, will get acquainted with the traditions of this nation, take a ride on a reindeer sleigh and try traditional food.

*the price per person for group of 3 - 5 tourists

Aurora hunting

from 2 500 ₽

The beautiful natural phenomenon that everyone wants to see. It is also a real hunting, it is not so easy to find.

Husky kennel

from 3 700 ₽

A real kennel where you will see the: Alaskan husky, Siberian husky, Finnish lapphund. Here you can ride on a dog sled, learn a lot about dogs, drink tea with pancakes and jam.

Snow village

from 4 500 ₽*

Snow village is a miracle! This is a complex of buildings made of snow and ice with themed rooms inside. For 10 years, it pleases guests from all over the globe.

*the price per person for group of 5 tourists

City tour

from 2 000 ₽

The best places for photography, monuments and attractions. You will learn facts from the history of Murmansk and feel the rhythm of the city.

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