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We want to say the big thanks for you, Alex @auroraxplore ! You are the best private guide ever!! Thank you for took care us through out the trip. You are not just the guide but also: the driver who know every street in Murmansk; the photographer who always take photos for us when our phones were dead; the transtator who translate Russian to English and also English to English; the information center who can provide all necessaries information and answer every question; the guard who pay attention in every single detail even fasten the seat belt for electric kettle; daddy who took these two daughters to buy somethings for breakfast at the supermarket
You made us the memorable trip. 
Now, our dream come true ❤️ We won’t say goodbye but let’s say ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’.


—  Kanokporn Thongcharoen

AuroraXplore offers you all the experience gained over the years in organizing tours around the Kola Peninsula. The company considers the basic principles of its work to be the safety and high quality of service for tourists. By purchasing a tour in AuroraXplore you get round the clock information support and an individual approach during your stay in Murmansk. For us you are not customers. You are our guests!

About Aurora

Period of observation: from late September to mid April. You can see it in the late evening from 21:00 to 02:00 in the night. According to our statistics for the 2017/2018 season 90% of our guests who booked a three-day program have seen Aurora and taken photos.


AuroraXplore (LLC) is a licensed tour operator and works in strict accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. We value our reputation and will always take care of our guests. Our head office is located in the city center where we can take care of our guests.

For partners

We form strong, trusted connections with our corporate clients, based on a deep understanding of their guests's needs drawn from our extensive experience of working in those same worlds - across transport services, guide services, collaborations with hotels, restaurants, museums and differrent attractions. We have experience in serving individual guests, small groups, as well as large groups - 40 - 50 guests and more.


We offer our tourists only the safest transport. Our drivers have all the necessary permits and documents for the safe transportation of passengers. We can take care of any group of tourists and provide transport from compact car to tourist bus.

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